15+ Most Useful & Free Plagiarism Checkers in 2017

In this modern era of online business, plagiarism has become the biggest problem. To run your online business smoothly it is highly important to place right content pieces at right places and all that content should be 100% original. That’s why people use plagiarism checkers to make sure that their work is authentic.

29 Amazing Websites with Best Free Stock Photos

If you own a website/blog or you just want to have one then you will certainly need beautiful and high quality images to make the website look visually attractive as having an eye catching website is important to gain your visitors' attraction. Also, these images help you make your content more interesting. But finding right images related to your website can be a hard thing. Though there are a lot of photographers out there who sell quality photos but that can be way too expensive if you need multiple images.

Websites with Best Free Stock Photos

Case Study: How I Solved Auto Pagination Problem in Blogger

I recently published a new post on my blog and encountered sudden change in number of posts on the homepage. There was a problem with pagination so only most of the posts were not getting displayed on homepage. The blog was looking very unprofessional and poorly managed.

What is GPS Tracking? A simple guide to understand the basics of GPS

GPS tracking is the remote surveillance of a real-time location of an asset (vehicle, person, animal or any other object). This tracking is done by the use of Global Positioning System device and it uses Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network to function. GPS consists of 24 satellites which have been placed into their orbits in the space by the U.S. Department of Defense that helps end users to pinpoint the precise geographic location on the earth.

What is GPS Tracking

12 easy ways to find trending blog post ideas- For Beginners

Hi friends! Recently I was trying to find blog post ideas but wasn’t finding anything interesting to my blog niche so I decided to compile an easy list that I can use in future to quickly come up with the topic suggestions. So I just thought of sharing the list here so other’s can get benefits from it because I know almost every blogger (especially newbie like me) faces the problem of finding new blog post ideas. I am also a newbie blogger and trust me I am also facing this problem because of the lack of time for research.